Dry Skin Rescue Balm 15 Fl Oz

  • $15.00

Love Your Skin Again with Pure Hyaluronic Acid and other dynamic ingredients:

Make our skin soft, silky, and smooth with this hyaluronic acid cream for body boosted by dynamic ingredients and vital nutrients:

● Combat redness, inflammation, and skin irration with Borage oil. Made up of essential fatty acids, Borage Oil helps make up for moisture loss to the skin.

● Soften skin, even skin tone, and stymie sun damage with aloe vera!

● Reduce redness with hyaluronic acid while overcoming itchy skin.

● Soothe irritation and inflammation while improving skin tone with green tea extracts.

Sinks Right In

Hate lotion that refuses to sink into your skin? Not only do greasy moisturizers make you feel uncomfortable all day long, but they also make it difficult to get dressed! Stop struggling with sticky body creams for the sake of hydration. Reshape’s non greasy cream for dry skin deeply penetrates your skin without any unpleasant oily residue!

Gorgeous Skin, Minimal Effort

Whenever your skin needs hydrating and moisture, simply massage a liberal amount of lotion into your crepey skin until it’s fully absorbed. Apply it right after your shower for enhanced moisturization, and watch your skin perk up in no time.