Cooling Foot Cream 8 Fl Oz

  • $12.99

  • Reshape+ Cooling Foot Cream instantly cools and soothes tired, achy feet without soaking. Use this deeply hydrating foot cream with your favorite foot scrubber to help remove calluses and dead skin.
  • Rub this topical foot cream for dry cracked feet all over your feet, focusing on tough calluses and heels.
  • Therapeutic cream cools and refreshes itchy feet and leaves hard working feet feeling soft and supple.
  • Lactic acid exfoliates and moisturizes your feet to help with dry skin. Moisturizing cream is great for foot massages.
  • We promise that this foot scrub will leave your feet feeling cool, soft and supple or your money back.

Are your feet tired and sore at the end of a long day? Are you embarrassed to wear sandals to the beach because of your nasty callus and dry cracked skin? Reshape+ cooling foot cream will not only help soothe sore and cranky feet but will also help them look beautiful without the tough scrubbing of other callus removers. Expert formula contains natural ingredients. Extra strength foot cream is great for athletes.